Are all magicians banned from casinos?

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No, not all magicians are banned from casinos. Magicians are barred from most casinos, because they have nothing to offer the paying customer. At the roulette tables they are usually not allowed to pick out your cards whole-heartedly for yourself. Instead you must leave your cards on the board and bend down the middle of the table to see them. For the craps tables the rules are a little different, but still allow for picking out cards.

The Magicians

However, if you do bring a valuable object into the casino, be sure that you leave it behind when you leave. It may be a wise idea to have a key with you for your car or home, in case you need to get out quickly. A professional magician will know how to conceal the item and they don’t need anyone else to spot them. All they require is a little bit of time, a few tricks up their sleeve and some money. But if you’re a professional magician who isn’t afraid of showing a bit of their skill for the cameras then don’t let the fear of having your wallet and keys get the best of you.

One thing to remember is that most of these incidents involving professional magicians are actually staged. The magician may have a genuine desire to leave something behind for us if he/she gets a chance. But it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment, especially for the more accomplished magician, and try to swipe the money as much as possible. If they don’t have the cash on them, it may seem that they’ve been taken advantage of.

Casinos’ Security Policy

But this is why we have security at casinos. In case there is danger of somebody trying to steal something, they can be quickly identified and apprehended. Even though it would appear to be impossible, professional magicians tend to be very careful. They don’t go anywhere without wearing a costume of some sort, even to the airport. There are also many ‘undercover’ professionals who will approach the public, fake being what they are, and approach random people.

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