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A question that some poker solver enthusiasts have is, how do the pros make money from playing online Texas Holdem Poker? The answer to this question is fairly simple. A professional player of poker, will devise a poker strategy that ensures he maximises his winnings and minimize his losses in the process.

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What exactly does that mean? Well, firstly it means that the player will use his poker sense and intelligence in deciding how to bet and when to make that decision. It is this skill, which is the backbone of poker. In a nutshell, a poker player will employ an appropriate betting strategy and stick to it no matter what.

This is not all though. A pro in poker solver will also have a sound strategy that enables him to identify various playing situations and decide whether he should stay in the game or leave. How can we work on these things? Let’s see.

You may be saying, there are no such things as strategies in poker. This is not entirely true. Your poker strategy is unique to you. However, there are some similarities between my online poker strategies and those that a good poker player will adopt. Here are some of them.

First of all, in a poker room, players tend to think, act and react differently. This is because they are not playing against each other in the same room. However, in an online poker room, one player may be sitting opposite another and both of them may be playing at the same table. This scenario then translates into behaviour. One player will adapt his playing style to that of his opponents and the other will do the same.

This is how poker solver work. The basic rule is that you try to get ahead of your opponents and make your opponents to make mistakes. You try to make it tough for them to make those mistakes. If they do make mistakes, you can use this against them.

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For instance, let’s say you are playing poker against an opponent who has poor cards but you have a strong hand. You can raise the betting slowly but steadily, making it appear as though you are not bluffing. You can then play your high hand and scare your opponent. You can then play weakly afterwards to make him think that you are not bluffing anymore and that you have an amazing hand. When he calls, you can bet higher because you have an amazing hand.



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