UK Gambling Laws Latest Changes 2021


The introduction of the new UK gambling laws was done to minimize the risk and danger that people who are addicted to online betting can be exposed to. This is done by removing online gaming establishments from their traditional areas. This includes bingo and black market casinos as well as horse and racing tracks. The legal age of gambling at UK has been increased from 18 years old to 21 years old.

UK Gambling Laws 2021

With the introduction of these gambling laws, online casinos in the UK are now required to register under the Gambling Commission, which is under the remit of the government. This will require the casino to upgrade its software and hire a qualified gaming auditor and compliance officer to ensure that the various compliances provided by the Commission is met.

In order to keep up with the changes that are brought about by the New UK gambling regulations, many countries including the UK are trying to find alternate ways to generate revenue. They have been successful with this endeavour as several casinos are now coming up in different countries. These sites offer a varied range of gaming options and some include online gambling.

Latest Changes

Any irregularities in the procedure or functioning of the site are reported immediately to the gambling commission. Once these are rectified the site can continue to operate under the new license. However, it is now important to state that the government is reviewing the UK gambling law and considering some revisions in the future.



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