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In this article I am going to explain Unorthodox Blackjack Strategy. Unorthodox is a term I coined to describe the way a player plays a game of blackjack, without using the counting card deck. The main advantage to this type of play is that you do not have to count cards. This makes a great card counting strategy for any card counting games you might be playing.

Unorthodox Blackjack

Let us look at an example of using Unorthodox Blackjack Strategy in a real game. You are going to play blackjack at a casino or at home. Before you bet, ask yourself if you can count cards effectively enough to win the hand. You need to judge how many cards are left with the dealer and how much money is left on the table. You want to get the highest percentage of winning hands, the lowest percentage of losing hands and the best winnings.

If you cannot judge this very accurately, there is no point in counting cards. Instead, look at the card table and see if anyone has a high card counting percentage. It may not be obvious at first sight, but once you see how many people are paying attention, you can count cards yourself and decide what cards you want to bet and when.

There is a time when card counting becomes absolutely necessary. This usually occurs during the middle portion of the game. When this occurs, players start to get greedy and play more hands than they should. Before you call, have a number of low cards and high cards ready to beat the dealer if he calls.

Do not underestimate the power of card counting. If you are playing Texas Holdem Poker, you should already be aware of the count and the odds. Card counting can be used to beat the dealer if you are using a reliable card counting software. If you are not using an accurate card counting program, you may lose more often than you win.

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In Holdem Poker, there are certain hands that are very strong and depend on them alone to win the pot. These are known as “power” hands. When playing Unristicted Blackjack, you should try your best to play these types of hands. They will usually cost you a higher hand price. The reason being that there are many people that try to count the cards as well as they can. This makes it impossible for them to figure out a strong hand.


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