WinStar World – Biggest Casino on Earth

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WinStar World Casino is located in Raymond, Oklahoma. It is one of the largest casinos in the world. The building is two stories and the casino is open twenty-four hours. It is a great place to go for a night or weekend without worrying about your family or being late. It is a great place to gamble and have a good time. Most of the people who come here do so because they love to gamble, and they want to win more money.

WinStar World Casino

WINStar World Casino has four restaurants. It has The Cheesecake Factory, The Golden Corral, the Tower Restaurant and the Ramada Inn. They have five full-service bars, two full service restaurants, two live entertainment venues, one full-service hotel and one video arcade. All of these are located in the main floor of the building.

The other part of the resort that is really interesting is the entertainment portion of the facility. Here you will find shows and performances by live bands and DJs, comedy acts, dancers, motivational speakers and more. The number of performers and events varies depending on the week and the time of the year. The How Big is WinStar World Casino in Las Vegas is a great addition to the hundreds of great attractions that this destination has to offer.

Largest In The World

One of the most important things about any casino is the gaming floor itself. The How Big is WinStar World Casino in Las Vegas has over five million square feet of gaming space including one eighty-eight room screens and two hundred and sixty slot machines. There are also over three thousand tables spread over four hundred and fifty individual seats.

Even though WinStar World is the largest casino resort in the United States, they still don’t have the most luxurious accommodations onsite. Many of their guests will be staying in motels in nearby Union County, or they may even be sleeping in hotels that belong to the resort. As a result, the guests of WinStar World tend to leave a little bit early, in order to catch a good nap before hitting the slot machines. This unfortunate fact is something that many people do not foresee when they travel to the southern state of North Carolina.

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